Black Cypress specializes in concentrated, long-term, and value-oriented portfolios. Foundations, pensions, endowments, other advisors, and individuals seek our investing acumen for the assets with which they have been entrusted.

Asset management services include:

• Direct and personal relationship with the Chief Investment Officer (CIO)
• Equity portfolio that is concentrated, long-term focused, and value-oriented
• Macroeconomic modeling designed to discern economic turning points
• Rigorous risk management practices
• Quarterly performance reporting
• Tactical allocation and rebalancing (for diversified clients)
• Commentary and articles that educate through our Cypress Log

As a fee-only financial advisor, our firm charges asset management and percent-of-profit-above-benchmark fees (to qualified clients only) that pay for performance and properly align our interests with that of our clients.

We believe our unrestrained time horizon, consistent process, and independent research lead to superior, less-volatile returns over a full market cycle.

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