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See the forest AND the trees.



Black Cypress specializes in concentrated, long-term, and value-oriented portfolios. Foundations, pensions, endowments, other advisors, and individuals seek our investing acumen for the assets with which they have been entrusted.

Asset management services include:

• Direct and personal relationship with the Chief Investment Officer (CIO)
• Equity portfolio that is concentrated, long-term focused, and value-oriented
• Macroeconomic modeling designed to discern economic turning points
• Rigorous risk management practices
• Quarterly performance reporting
• Tactical allocation and rebalancing (for diversified clients)
• Commentary and articles that educate through our Cypress Log

As a fee-only financial advisor, our firm charges asset management and percent-of-profit-above-benchmark fees that pay-for-performance and properly align our interests with that of our clients.

We believe our unrestrained time horizon, consistent process, and independent research lead to superior, less-volatile returns over a full market cycle.

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