Black Cypress is a manager of equities (common stocks).

For nearly a decade and a half we have implemented our investment strategy with a steady hand, persistently displaying strength, wisdom, and resolve amid both widespread stress and excessive optimism.

Wealthy individuals, family offices, foundations, pensions, endowments, and other advisers can benefit from our investing acumen.

We own a portfolio of 12 to 20 publicly-traded U.S. companies with stocks that look priced to generate long-term returns in excess of broad market indices. 

Our original research, performed away from Wall Street, has consistently generated unique views. Importantly, we have repeatedly displayed the necessarily temperament to opportunistically increase exposure and to maintain conviction when others capitulate.

Our clients can therefore count on our independent thought, high quality research, and second-level thinking, buttressed by a sound process and managed with the well-founded steadfastness required for long-term success.

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