Black Cypress was started in the summer of 2009 after the most tumultuous recession since the Great Depression. Most investors were unprepared for the downturn. Most advisers and portfolio managers failed to plan appropriately. Individuals–the beneficiaries of our industry’s work–experienced egregious losses as a result.

Like Noah and his ark, we wanted to build a vessel to protect against the proverbial floods that drown the masses. Thus, Black Cypress Capital Management was born.



First and foremost, we exist to serve our clients. We do this by providing financial guidance, by educating, and by protecting hard-earned wealth.

We are performance-driven. We exist to achieve better returns, net of all fees, than can be achieved by investing passively. It is our goal, over a full market cycle (a time span that includes both expansion and recession), to outperform each client’s benchmark. Our track record of success is backed by an audit performed by a national performance verification firm.

We seek to provide our clients with a place of refuge from the daunting world of investing. We offer more than a financial advisory and asset management relationship. We endeavor to provide financial peace.



We will strive for nothing short of excellence. We will develop actionable insight that is firmly rooted in the depth of our research and the soundness of our process-driven, value approach. We will be disciplined and resolute in our core principles, even when they are out of favor. We will put our clients first, offering both transparency and education to equip for success, with the understanding that we exist not to reap personal benefit, but to serve our clients. In a volatile and ever-changing world, we will provide financial peace.