Black Cypress is an independent, privately-owned single-strategy investment management firm.

Differentiated Investment Approach

We conduct our own independent, original research. We build concentrated, yet adequately diversified value-oriented portfolios. We think and invest long-term. This leads to better-controlled emotions, lower turnover, and superior decision making.

Aligned Interests

Our team invests in Black Cypress’ strategies, thus aligning our interests with our clients’.

Personal Relationship with Chief Investment Officer

As a Black Cypress client, your point of contact will be with the firm’s CIO, Alan R. Hartley, CFA. That means you’ll deal directly with the investment decision-maker and not a sales associate or team member that is disconnected from the allocation and security selection process.

Independent, Fee-Only

As an independent investment adviser, Black Cypress has the necessary freedom to act in its clients’ best interest.

Our fee structure is simple: we receive only asset management and performance-based fees (for qualified clients only) from our clients, both of which are transparently disclosed in advance. We receive no commissions or fees for making trades or selling particular products.

High Quality Service Providers

Black Cypress utilizes some of the industry’s best to serve its clients: Fidelity Institutional and Interactive Brokers for custody and trading, Tamarac Reporting for portfolio tracking, reporting, and trading, Optima Partners for regulatory compliance, and ACA Group for GIPS® compliance and performance verification.

Third-Party Custody

Black Cypress safeguards its clients’ assets at Fidelity Institutional and Interactive Brokers, two of the largest third-party custodians. In addition to the peace of mind that comes with a third-party holding your assets, Fidelity and Interactive Brokers have some of the lowest costs in the industry and offer many services free of charge that would be costly for our clients at other custodians or broker-dealers.

Performance Verification

Black Cypress calculates its performance using Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®), the globally-accepted, gold standard of performance calculation and presentation. Furthermore, our returns are independently audited and confirmed by a national performance verification firm.

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